Why I’m Looking Forward To Drake’s Next Album

Quite simply–I believe Drake can be great. And if you check this video, you can see this guy’s passion for the music, long before he was famous for rapping and super emo singing. I think this guy is still in there. Now, he doesn’t have anything left to prove from a commercial perspective–he’s gone plat twice. I think he can make the album he’s been wanting to make.

Drake Before the Fame

I guess I resonated with that because all of us who were music fans from a young age were just like that, with big CD binders and everything. We were fans before anything. And I think if he keeps that in mind, he can do almost anything. Plus, I think he can see the love that Kendrick Lamar is getting for a super thoughtful album (Good Kid, M.a.a.d City), and the love that J.Cole is getting with Born Sinner. Plus Jay just came out with another one that’s just about his passion, and Kanye went all the way left with his new one–but you can appreciate what he’s trying to do. Meanwhile, nobody really cares what Wayne is doing, except for the type of people who’ll leave their toddlers locked in a car in the parking lot to go see him. And I think maybe Drake is remembering who he is, and who he can be. I think “Started From the Bottom” is great, both song and video, and “Girls Love Beyonce” wins just because the title alone may be the truest thing anybody’s said in a Rap&B song this year.¬† So I have high hopes for this guy. Not the guy who seemed to have lost his way for a minute or the guy who thought he was supposed to be in the Miami Heat locker room after the championship–no, I have high hope for the guy in that video. The guy who told us that his material possessions weren’t important to him…but the music was. That guy. The guy who dropped a better mixtape than what most rappers’ greatest hits would sound like.

Don’t let me down, Aubrey.